15 Pop-Inspired Accessories for When You Want to Wear Your Food

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There’s something really intuitive about accessories inspired by food. It feels so straightforward to adorn our bodies with the elements of nature we most need to survive and thrive, yet for some reason this trend has only really blossomed recently. But I think food accessories have staying power—not least because during the pandemic, food and cooking and taste were the few sensual delights we were left with for months at a time. That definitely made me really appreciate the juiciness of an heirloom tomato and long for the days of a simple brunch. Heck, the pandemic is why I decided to try dragonfruit for the first time—it was a completely novel experience during a year of sameness.

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Below I’m sharing some of the food accessories I’ve found that stand out as unique, charming works of art—whimsical creations that can make me laugh or gasp, and conversation pieces that will have any fellow foodie doing a double take.

1. sliced fruit fanny packs

Fanny packs that look like giant slices of fruit are almost as good as giant slices of fruit the size of fanny packs. What I wouldn’t do for a slice of dragonfruit this size…

2. tomato barrettes

Tomatoes, those red tricksters of the food world, always keeping you guessing. Is it a vegetable? Is it a fruit? I don’t know, but it looks adorable sliced and drizzled with olive oil, or to keep your overgrown pandemic hair in line.

3. Cherry Earrings

I once read that cherries are the sexiest fruit. And now, every time I see someone wear something with cherries, I wonder whether they read that same article. Wear these on your next night out to see if it’s true.

4. Give me a Slice of Pizza, Please! (pixel pizza earrings)

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These pizza slices are heavily pixelated, so you know better than to try and eat them. Probably a good way to trick your friends into going to get pizza every time you see them. Someone buy these and report back!

5. Fruit Earrings

Can’t figure out hanging fruit baskets when decorating your kitchen? We’ve got the next best thing: fruit baskets for your ears.

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6. Thanks A Brunch Earrings

Wear them ironically on a dinner date, then wear them sincerely to your boozy brunch the day after to discuss said dinner date. These beaded numbers mean you can take the Bloody Mary bar to go.

7. Charcuterie Drop Earrings

Vegans, we found one kind of meat you won’t mind. Buy it for your meat-eating friends and feel free to use that joke. Meat-eaters, that joke does not work the other way around.

8. Current Mood Quickie Mart Burger Sneakers

I have a friend with these sneakers. They say teens are always telling them how good they look. These shoes actually cross the generation gap! Honestly, they also seem like a way to draw in really good friends.

9. Katy Perry Avocado Geli Flat Sandal

I actually burst out laughing when I saw these sandals. They also come in doughnut, lime, lemon, cherry, watermelon, candy cane, grape, pineapple, cherry, peach, and strawberry! Wear them and charm your friends.

10. Raspberry Jelly Earrings

For when you’re feeling truly decadent on your berry-picking trips, but you’ll be damned if you’re wearing heels and makeup in those muddy fields.

11. Knit Mesh Amanda Sock

Did you forget your grocery list before going to the far mar? These socks will make up for them. There are also some veggies I don’t recognize on here, so ask your local produce expert for advice on that one.

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12. Puffy Tablet Sleeve

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Cucumbers, in my opinion, are actually the devil’s vegetable, the worst food in the world—both crunchy and slimy! Why! But although I’m a judgemental person, I can also be fair: This bag is stylish and functional.

13. An Apple a Day Crossbody Bag

Someone please buy this for their teacher, or kid’s teacher, or themselves as a teacher. Lean in to your Ms. Frizzle tendencies! This one’s all but guaranteed to strike up conversations on everything from Johnny Appleseed to plant biology.

14. Tea Party Teapot Crossbody

This is for anyone who put milk inside their roommate’s hot water kettle because they’d never seen one before and that’s how they thought they worked (me). This teapot also is not to be filled with milk. Learn from my mistakes.

15. Eggplant Charm

This is truly the best foodie accessory I’ve ever seen. I’m allergic to eggplants, but even I recognize good taste when I see it. Who can say it better than Ippolita’s copywriter?

“An oblong amethyst set in 18K gold renders in stunning detail the image of an eggplant. This staple of the Mediterranean diet celebrates Ippolita’s birthplace, Italy, and reminds us the pleasures of cooking and eating well.”

Use it to propose to your funny valentine.

Do you have a favorite-food themed accessory? Share it with us in the comments!

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