This New Bathroom Color Trend Might Just Be the Easiest Upgrade

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If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that even the best-loved home decor trends come and go—the days of open shelving and all-white kitchens may be waning, and even the classic subway tile is growing tired. When it comes to bathroom trends, Pinterest seems to dictate that a wash of neutral tile is the new way to go. However, bathroom renovations aren’t cheap, and we’d rather not rip everything out every time a trend shifts. So what options are we left with, to stock the bathroom with something a bit, well, longer-lasting?

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Black accessories! It’s the answer that’s almost too simple. Hardware and accessories are the easiest way to upgrade the bathroom without renovating it—and while brass isn’t for everyone, and chrome quickly skews sterile, black works with pretty much every style. It also doesn’t compete with other colors and has a modern yet timeless quality about it. Bottom line: whether you’ve got a gut-renovated all-white bathroom (aka, a match made in heaven), or a garishly tiled rental, black accessories will last you from trend to ephemeral trend.

Modern Black Toilet Brush & Bathroom Accessories

If you’re a one-and-done kinda shopper, you can swap all your accessories out in one fell swoop with this coordinated set. It’s kind of like an elegant set of fireplace tools, but for scrubbing the toilet and holding toilet paper.

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Wood & Steel Slim Storage Cabinet

Cotton balls, half-used bottles of shampoo, and house-guest toothbrushes all need a place to go. Even if you’re tight on space, this super-slim, rolling (!) cabinet tucks it all away or shows it off—you decide.

Modern Black Towel Rack

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If drilling into pre-existing tiles gives you the heebie-jeebies, consider a freestanding towel rack like this guy. The back row can hang dry bath towels, while the front keeps hand towels within reach. Plus, showing off your towels is way more fun than hiding them away.

Modern Toilet Paper Stand

If we’re operating under the assumption that everyone brings their phone into the bathroom (and we are), then you’ll need a place to plop it. This toilet paper stand in matte black is the perfect spot for a phone, book, scented candle, and oh…toilet paper.

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Modern Black Wall Mirror with Shelf

Wall mirrors are pretty much always better when they come with storage attached. The shelf that runs along the bottom of this mirror is ideal for a bud vase, a jar for cotton swabs, or a tube of toothpaste.

Would you swap out your bathroom accessories for all-black? Let us know in the comments!

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