16 Fun Swimming Pool Accessories for Your First Summer Dip

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When it comes to swimming pool accessories, we say more is more. Even though our bags can’t zip because they’re overflowing with sunscreen, snacks, and sunnies , we’ll always find space for a fun pool float or game.

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In fact, we bet you’ll want to pack these 16 swimming pool accessories even before the essentials. From a yacht-shaped lounger for yourself and a floating paradise for your furry BFF to waterproof playing cards and cute beach balls, these are the 16 best swimming pool accessories for hours of fun in the sun. And if you need a pool to begin with? Yeah, we’ve got that, too.

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An inflatable pool is a great alternative to in-ground or stock tank pools—and way less expensive, too. They’re also portable and about a hundred times more cheeky with summer-ready prints. For extra security, lay a yoga mat or two underneath the pool to prevent punctures from sharp edges or small rocks—our worst nightmare is a deflated, leaky pool.

Whether you’re hanging solo, with friends, or with furry BFFs, you’ll want to lounge about with a fun pool float. You can’t go wrong with a classic donut like this, but if you’re feeling extra, a yacht-shaped float is the way to go (it’s also where you’ll find us this season). We like to use a balloon air pump to help inflate things faster—aka get into the pool quicker.

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Feeling competitive? Pack a pool game or two, like a stack of waterproof cards (which is genius, BTW) or an adorable beach ball. If you have little ones, a larger-than-life sprinkler will keep them entertained for hours. Just don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen!

Go hands-free and plop your rosé into a fun floatie or grab a larger one to fit all your snacks—just remember to pour it from the bottle into an insulated tumbler like this for safety and to keep your drink chilled for hours. The drink floaties will meander right alongside you, so you never have to get up for a drink or bite. Hear that? That’s the sound of your dreams coming true.

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What are you planning to bring to the pool this season? Drop your must-haves in the comments below!

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