Jessica Wilson’s Family Meal at A Voce

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What the staff eats at restaurants.

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Jessica Wilson, sous chef at the new A Voce at Columbus Circle, brings us a recipe that takes advantage of seasonal flavors and decadent restaurant scraps. While you probably don’t have ahi tuna trimmings at home, this salad is well worth the purchase. –Helen

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When there are good leftovers, making family meal is a dream. We often have really beautiful ahi tuna scraps, but one can make only so much tuna tartar before the mere suggestion of raw fish is met with groans. So, quickly seared tuna atop a bright salad it is. 

We always have bitter greens, and this is fresh, easy, and healthier than many family meals. The vinaigrette is clean, the greens are spicy, and the maple mustard sauce helps to both flavor the tuna and wilt the greens. This is best in the early fall, as it makes for a good midpoint between beachfront grilling and wintertime braises.

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Fall Salad with Ahi Tuna

Serves 4



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