Style-Off: Day Five, Or, The Sexiest That Pudding Has Ever Been

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We’re hosting our own Summer Food Fights on FOOD52 — come play along! Big prizes await.

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This is the fifth and final day of the Style-Off, an exceedingly difficult trial in which Heidi Swanson, Karen Mordechai, and Todd Coleman were all challenged to style an aesthetically unappealing dessert into a work of art. Today, we’re congratulating everyone for playing along. 



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This is the day the Style-Off draws to a close. Like the cutting into and subsequent collapse of a Cherpumple, there can only be sadness, followed by waves and waves of unadulterated glory. If you’ve been with us over these last four, grueling days, you know that the stakes were high, the photos were extraordinary, and that sticky toffee pudding has the tendency to get a little salacious. There’s no denying that each stylist stepped up to the challenge; as Merrill “Stiff Peaks” Stubbs would say, they got in the game and just were the pudding.

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After toffee, sweat, and tireless focusing, what we’re left with is the most beautiful grid of desserts we think we’ve ever seen. It’s a grid of Olympic proportions. Each photo truly transforms the tepid browns into something livelier and more colorful, so much so that we’re hard-pressed to pick a favorite. But we’d love to hear yours — tell us in the comments. Until then, we’d like to give a hearty congratulations to everyone on making pudding as sexy as it has ever been.


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