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Ever get tired of having so much stuff in your house?

For many people, minimalism is an intriguing decor style, as it strips away the clutter that often accumulates in our homes. However, embracing minimalism as a lifestyle is definitely easier said than done. It takes serious hard work and dedication to keep your home looking so simple and spotless.

If you’re as in awe of minimalism as we are, you’ll love watching these fascinating home tours of dedicated, self-professed minimalists. Whether you just want to zen out for a minute or are thinking of paring some belongings down yourself, there’s plenty of inspiration here.

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Rachel Aust may be known mostly for her passion for fitness, but she’s also a dedicated minimalist. In this YouTube video, she gives fans a glimpse at her sparsely-decorated bedroom, which has just a few pieces of furniture and a whole lot of beautiful plants. Our favorite part? That she doesn’t have a place to store or charge her phone—she leaves it downstairs at night.

Get this: The stunning apartment you’re about to tour clocks in at just 425-square-feet! The pristine living space was designed by Anthill Studio, and there are lots of ingenious storage solutions throughout the home, including a table that folds into the kitchen island, hidden desks, custom cabinets, and more. We might have to steal a few of those ideas. Plus, the video is set to the most soothing music ever.

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with Jenny Mustard’s minimalist YouTube channel. If you’re equally intrigued by her minimalist lifestyle, watch the tour of her apartment in Berlin. Everything is immaculately clean and crisp, and her walls are totally bare. Looking around her sparsely decorated flat might make you realize how much “stuff” you truly have.

Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate with a clean slate? That’s exactly what Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology did with her living room, and the cozy minimal theme is so welcoming. The layered rugs and mixture of new and sentimental items adds warmth to the bright space. In the video, she talks about how she worked with an online interior design company to create the room of her dreams, a factor to consider if you’re working with a renovation budget.

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This retro-style room tour might just put you in a trance. Jay, the YouTuber behind eataliens, shows us around her lovely bedroom, which is sparsely decorated with small pieces of art—we’re especially digging that grid of Polaroids.

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At the beginning of the video, Caitlin of The Minimal Journal talks about how her home decor doesn’t feel “done” and probably never will—so relatable! However, not only is her home incredibly clean and chic, but a lot of her furniture is inexpensive or thrifted. You may very well want to bookmark this video as home decor inspo.

You know we had to include at least one kitchen on this list. Kitty Cotten shows off her newly renovated kitchen in this video, and honestly, the before and after pictures are night and day. Outdated wallpaper and cabinets got upgraded to create a simple, stunning kitchen, complete with a lovely white backsplash, new appliances, and chic gold hardware.

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Christine Liu runs the YouTube channel Snapshots of Simplicity, and she not only embodies minimalism but sustainable living in her minimal living space. Her trick for using the dishwasher as a dish rack to save counter space? Genius.

While this bedroom may not be “truly” minimalist, it’s really quaint and welcoming! Jasmine Rossol has an undeniable white theme going on in her room, and it’s hard to pick just one favorite part. We love the indoor shutters, stained glass window, and sentimental decorations strategically arranged throughout the space.

Do you enjoy YouTube home tours? Let us know your thoughts below!

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