The Most Popular Kitchen Gadget in Every State, According to Google

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No matter what you’re making, an extra hand is always helpful in the kitchen. And that’s why we love kitchen gadgets—the slow cookers, pasta makers, stand mixers, panini presses—to make whatever we’re cooking that much easier, faster, or more convenient.

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But what gadgets are most popular across the country? Last month, Empire Today, a national provider in professionally installed home improvement services, decided to find out. The company’s methodology involved compiling a list of different tools, like woks, juicers, and air fryers, and then combing through Google Trends data to assess each category’s search popularity over the past year. This yielded some surprising results.

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Waffle makers for Idaho, cappuccino makers for Wisconsin, bacon presses (yes, really) for Florida—there’s a lot to unpack here:

And as for what tool topped the list? Apparently, Americans are still in love with zoodles— spiralizers were the most-popular search in six states, including California, Alaska, and Georgia. Close seconds were food processors and air fryers, each commanding five states, while stand mixers, Instant Pots, and waffle makers shared third.

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Of course, Empire Today is working off the assumption that search frequency corresponds with actual popularity, so take these findings with a grain of salt. Regardless, it’s fun to get a peek at the country’s browsing habits, so check out the full list above, and let us know if you were surprised by your state’s most searched-for gadget.

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