The Kitchen Gadget You Know Will Break, but Love Anyway

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Recently in our Baking Club, club member Anja T. shared that one of her stand mixer’s attachments broke while making dough, and casually mentioned that it wasn’t a big deal as she had a replacement on hand. What was the problematic attachment? A paddle, but not just any paddle—a paddle with scraper blades.

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Multiple members commiserated that they’d had the same thing happen, but we were shocked to hear that most of those members loved scraper paddles so much they kept buying them anyway and some kept a backstock of replacements on hand, in anticipation of them breaking!

  • Rachael D.: “I’m on number 4 of those scraper paddles. I love mine but they snap so easily it seems.”

  • Kim B. W.: “I love mine, but it also broke! I bought another one because the scraper edges are fantastic.”

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    Lindy F.: “That’s happened to me, too. Twice. I also have a backup.”

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Mildly baffled by this, I questioned what made scraper paddles worth it, and the devotees declared that they hated having to stop the mixer and scrape down the bowl all of the time, and the scraper paddles eliminated the need to do so. Today’s moral: Happy bakers have backups.

Are you a fan of paddle attachments with scraper edges? Is there a gadget you know will break eventually, but you love it so much you’d keep buying it over and over again? Tell us all below!

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