Test Kitchen Outtakes: Signs of Spring

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The temperatures in New York are keeping our coats and scarves in rotation, but the test kitchen tells a different story. We’re no longer sampling stews or baking with wintry spices; we’re reveling in salads, fawning over spring greens, and devouring bright, tart desserts. This week’s test kitchen day was decorated with flowers and full of vegetables in every preparation imaginable, making us all very happy — and satisfied — campers. Take a peek at what we were up to on Monday, and remember to follow us on Instagram for more.

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Spring! It’s here! After enduring weeks of trips to potato-filled markets while west coasters bragged about their bushels of asparagus, we’re finally starting to feel like spring has arrived. The flowers on Amanda’s windowsill reassured us that winter’s end is in sight; bring on the picnics!

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Pan or palette? This baking sheet looks like it could be the palette for a canvas full of white, but it’s really a clue for a sweet recipe we’ll be sharing soon; any idea what we’re making?

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Our own wizards of Oz. Finding the right shot takes effort, creativity, and an almost-obsessive attention to detail. Here, Kristen and James, our food styling dream team, confer over a final shot. How will it turn out? Our breath is bated.

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