Sunday Suppers

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Karen Mordechai is a young, hip and hippie version of Martha Stewart whose blog, Sunday Suppers, caters to the stylish and food-obsessed New Yorker. Mordechai, a professional photographer, started Sunday Suppers a little less than a year ago with one idea—to celebrate the Sunday supper, those lingering dinners with friends and family where you eat delicious, unfussy and seasonal food. To honor this idea, and to get people back into the kitchen, Mordechai hosts once-monthly cooking classes in her Brooklyn waterfront studio for which she sets the tables, styles the food and then takes the photographs (lots of beautiful photographs), which she posts on the blog, along with recipes, as a document of the event. Her sense of style is easy, organic and flawless. For a recent class, led by Brooklyn chefs The Jewels of New York, Karen hand-dyed a table cloth a rich blue and sprinkled the table with bright orange kumquats, purple flowers and greenery for the perfect wintry setting for the meal to follow—fennel and orange salad, spice-rubbed lamb chops and vanilla pudding with candied kumquats. In addition to organizing these dinners, Karen posts midday meals—quick meals such as a one-pan shakshuka—writes restaurant reviews and posts a weekly weekend foodie guide for New York City.

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