Brooklinen’s Big Birthday Sale Has Us Adding Everything to Cart

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For anyone who’s in the market for fresh sheets, towels, and robes, you’re in luck. Brooklinen is celebrating its eighth birthday and decided to give everyone a major sale—it also happens to be the brand’s biggest outside of its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

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Now through Sunday, May 8, take 20 percent off everything at Brooklinen, no minimum needed. The only exclusions are non-Brooklinen products, which is perfectly fine with us because there are plenty of soft bed sheets, thick towels, cozy robes, and dreamy candles to choose from.

If you need inspo on what to shop during Brooklinen’s sale, here are some of our faves you might want to add to cart.

1. Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $272.25+ $217.80+

For those who prefer crisp and cool sateen sheets, Brooklinen’s are the best I’ve tested. They’re smooth and buttery to the touch, and are super breathable, so they’re great for those who sleep hot, too.

2. Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $399.75+ $319.80+

My favorite linen sheets that I tested, these are so soft and saturated that I didn’t even mind the wrinkled hems that are part of the fabric’s charm. They’re the perfect set for warm temps and for those who run hot overnight, too. They come in gorgeous seasonal colors like terra-cotta and soft blue, as well as classic shades of white and grey.

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3. Weighted Comforter, $249+ $199.20

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This weighted comforter solves the issue of having one too many items on your bed. Instead of needing a separate weighted blanket on top of your usual comforter, this combines the two into a weighted comforter that distributes weight evenly and won’t get kicked onto the floor.

4. Super-Plush Robe, $98 $79.20

The best terry robe I tested, Brooklinen’s Super-Plush Robe is super soft and cozy, perfect for day or night. The deep side pockets are also better designed than most robes I’ve had and more importantly, better positioned to hold all your snacks than the square ones that are comically placed over your thighs.

5. AM to PM Scented Candle Set, $59 $47.20

Perfectly giftable for a loved one or yourself, this set includes four mini candles that look as good as they smell. Light each one at a different time during the day to make it feel as though you’ve taken a little getaway.

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6. Marlow Pillow, $44.20+

The same folks at Brooklinen designed Marlow’s adjustable pillow, and after sleeping on it for months, I’m convinced it’s the reason why I’m waking up so much more refreshed and ready to go. The zippers along the sides let you easily adjust the loft of the pillow without messing with bits of foam for a personalized sleeping experience—keep it shut for back and stomach sleepers, unzip for side sleepers.

This post was updated in April 2022 with details of Brooklinen’s current sale. Happy shopping!

What are you planning to shop from Brooklinen’s sale? Let us know what’s in your cart!

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