The Vitamix Is More Affordable Than It’ll Probably Ever Be

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Let’s get one thing straight: All blenders are not born equal. Which is why I have coveted my sister’s Vitamix A2300 ever since she bought it a few years ago. Cherry red and shiny, it takes pride of place on her countertop and is easily the MVP of her kitchen—blending, fluffing, and whipping effortlessly, reliably, and stylishly.

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The only thing coming between me and a Vitamix of my own was, well, a great big price tag. Until today.

I have just received the best kind of Monday news ever: As part of Amazon’s Green Monday deals lineup, the Vitamix Explorian blender has just gone on sale.

And it’s no ordinary sale. It’s a very steep discount, down from $270 to $180, officially making it the cheapest I’ve ever seen a Vitamix—Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and every other Last-Stab-At-Boosting-Year-End-Business sale included.

Sure, it’s “certified-refurbished,” but to give you an idea of just how sweet this deal is: the standard price for a brand-new Explorian E310 is $350, which is incidentally also on sale for $289.

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If you’re put off by the idea of a “reconditioned model” and wonder if it’s a bit of a smoke-and-mirrors situation, don’t be. Vitamix’s Certified Reconditioned program turns old, but only minimally damaged, products into good-as-new models. According to their website, only a “select few machines will pass the rigorous inspection,” and those that do make it through are put through a “a 17-step refurbishment process” and sold with a five-year warranty.

As one happy buyer of a refurbished model says in his Amazon review: “Though it’s reconditioned, it seems almost like new. If you’re looking for a Vitamix blender without breaking the wallet too badly, this is a good option.” Not to mention, you’d be doing your bit towards promoting sustainable consumerism by reducing and re-using.

At just $180, we’re guessing this deal might not stick around for too long, so you might have to hurry. I know I’ve finally given myself the permission to spring for it. See you at checkout?

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Do you have a Vitamix? Tell us whether or not you think it’s worth the price tag in the comments below!

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