Your 5 Dreamiest Dessert Recipes Starring Oat Milk

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We’ve partnered with Planet Oat to bring you our latest contest: We’re looking for your creamiest, dreamiest dessert that holds the cream (not the dreams) and brings on the Oatmilk.

There are sooo many ways to use oat milk in the kitchen that go beyond splashing it in your morning coffee (which it is, in fact, great for). One of our favorites: dessert! This dairy-free milk simmers, bakes, and freezes well, making it an A+ ingredient for all sorts of sweet treats.

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Our latest recipe contest was after just that—and you delivered. We got a bunch of submissions for your best plant-based dessert recipes that not only make use of oat milk, but are made all the better for it. To narrow it down to the top five front-runners, our team of recipe testers, food stylists, and photographers tried out our favorite submissions.

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Here are the recipes still in the running to take home the number-one spot:

1. Coconut-Lime Panna Cotta with Mango Jam by Claire Aucella

Oat milk and coconut cream team up to form a silky-smooth base for this plant-based panna cotta. The addition of lime and homemade mango jam give the whole thing a hint of tropical flair that feels just right for the end of summer.

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2. Toasted Oat Caramel Monkey Bread by 23meyer

This sticky-sweet monkey bread owes its fluffy-soft texture to the tangzhong method, a technique for yeast bread recipes that has you cook a mixture of flour and liquid (usually water or milk) to create a thick slurry before combining it with the other ingredients.

3. Golden Milk + Rose Oat Milk Ice Cream by tobewithfood

An ultra-refreshing frozen treat, this oat milk ice cream highlights vibrant flavors like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and rose.

4. Horchata Granita by Herstory of Food

This cooling horchata granita gets it creaminess from an oat milk–based riff on canned condensed milk and a hint of nostalgia from a soaked-then-strained rice and cinnamon mixture.

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5. Oat Milk London Fog Cake by Elina

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The delicate, lightly citrusy flavors of Earl Grey tea shine through in this simple oat milk cake that would pair nicely with a cozy coffee drink.

Give one (or all!) of these recipes a try in your kitchen, and let us know your favorites in our Instagram Stories poll on Sept. 2.

Voting for the final two will open Sept. 3 at 12 p.m. EDT here. May the best plant-based dessert featuring oat milk win!

Have you baked or cooked with oat milk before? Tell us how it went in the comments.

In partnership with Planet Oat, we’re excited to share all the ways the Food52 community relies on Oatmilk for their favorite plant-based desserts. Stay tuned for our top two recipe contest entries!

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