What We Know About David Chang’s New Media Project

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It’s recently felt like a terrifying game of Marco Polo over here in the food media world. Or really the media world in general. Websites, magazines, and newspapers all scatter to the edges of the pool, breath held in nervous anticipation. Which unlucky fellow will be tapped next by the hand that brings budget cuts, firings, or folding altogether?

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So when something new comes around, it’s good—no, great!—news. We’re always hungry for some fresh voices. Just this morning, The Hollywood Reporter announced the imminent arrival of a new presence in the world of food media. David Chang, of Momofuku and now Ugly Delicious fame, has plans to launch Majordomo Media, a multimedia business venture that Chang himself is calling a place to explore “food and culture in a way nobody has really ever tried.” What Majordomo, named after Chang’s L.A. eatery, will offer is still nebulous, though there’s been talk of a podcast, editorial content, and video projects. To join him, the chef turned media impresario has tapped talent from print media, film, business, and design.

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“I don’t want to tell people what to do or show them the new cool thing. Plenty of places do that. I want to teach them how to find—and understand—new and different things themselves and let them bring their friends along for the ride,” said Chang in a statement. “I want to create experiences where it’s okay to have honest conversations—where people can consider culture and race and have strong opinions while exploring their passions.”

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The chef brings with him a fresh and contextually conscious take on food and the cultures orbiting it that I’m excited to see have a permanent home. I enjoyed my time with Ugly Delicious and sped through it on Netflix (consider this a recommendation), so if Chang can bring more of that honest, noisy goodness to the internet, then we’re all in for a treat.

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There is no official word as to when Majordomo Media will be officially unveiled, but Chang has hinted at sometime in 2018.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know what you expect in the comments below.

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