The 50 Most Popular Recipes of 2018, According to You

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Here at Food52, we believe there’s a perfect recipe for every person. Maybe you’re looking to shock and awe your bookclub with a cake or a quiche. Or you’re on the hunt for weeknight meals, from speedy to big-batch. And what about weekend projects to simmer and braise? We’ve got those, too.

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The joy of cooking is that no matter how many times we come back to our comforting favorites, there’s always a new technique to learn, ingredient to try, or flavor to develop. The longer we cook and spend time in the kitchen, the more we can add to our repertoire of meals we love.

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2018 was another fruitful year of exploring: 52 weeks of sweet and savory home cooking. There were lemony, fuss-free soups, budget-friendly chickpea sandwiches, and a peachy reimagining of our dreamiest cake. We fell in love with Big Little Recipes (the ones with the teeny ingredient lists and big, BIG flavors), and fully embraced the hands-free bliss of Instant Pot dishes. We loved them all!

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Now, we’re not saying any dish is better than another (everyone has different tastes), but of course we had favorites—the recipes we clicked and cooked again and again. From sheet-pan chicken dinners and magical cakes to soft scrambles and no-bake cookies, we’ve gathered below the top 50 most popular recipes from our site in 2018. Scroll down, savor it all, then save and enjoy in the new year.

What was your favorite recipe of 2018? Reminisce in the comments section!

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