Our Most Crazy-Good (or Just Crazy?) Recipes

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Sometimes I like to make simple food, and sometimes I make recipes that leave my peers questioning my sanity (and social life).

When I tell text them I’m making such-and-such recipe—last week, squashducken; week before that, 8-page-recipe meatloaf—responses generally contain one or more of the following:

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-. . . ?
-[bug eye emoji]
-holy [expletive]

The recipes range from “why haven’t I done this forever?” ridiculous-good to “who would do this to themselves?”—and yet still ridiculous-good.

Either way, there’s no trumping these recipes—no improving upon, no besting, no waxing poetic. It’s game over, roll the credits. And perfect your mic drop technique:

Here are the dishes that we pretend broke the internet, but really just make us happy:

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There are four pounds of cherries.

Imagine a chicken pot pie where every bite has a significant amount of crust. This is that pie.

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The bottom gets griddled. And you stick an egg in a bagel hole. What other questions do you have?

Hello these are deep-fried.

It’s like turducken but for dessert.

A squash in a squash in a squash in a squash in a squash in a squash.

Three heads of kale, three cups of heavy cream, one dish.

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You spread butter and sugar over the matzo before it even meets chocolate.

There’s no crust, but there is 1 1/2 pounds of pasta in the shape of a deep-dish pie.

Graham crackers but in cake form.

Put one stick of salted butter in this ice cream. Do it.

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Cronuts are the default answer for “best mashup food.” The real answer is this monkey bread, pull-apart bread, and scone hybrid.

A can of Campbell’s tomato soup turns into cake—it’s good, not a dare.

Okay, there’s more. We can’t help ourselves—call us nutty, or genius.

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