Chocolate & Sea Salt-Covered, Super-Sized Pocky Sticks (You’re Welcome.)

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You don’t have to live in Japan to fall for Pocky sticks—crunchy sticks coated in chocolate (or strawberry, or matcha, or… you get the idea), but that’s exactly what happened to me during my time there. They’re officially described as “pretzel sticks,” but I’d say they’re more like crunchy cookies. Either way, they’re tasty and super snackable—their diminutive size makes it hard to eat just one.

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Itamar Srulovich and‎ Sarit Packer, authors of this month’s Baking Club cookbook choice, Golden, had the same experience during a trip to Japan.

We had these little sweet-salty treats on a daily basis. It seemed a good idea to us to scale them up a bit, and it was, in fact, a great idea—this way one is enough.

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Lucky for us, not only does their spin on Pocky sticks appear in their cookbook, they’ve also agreed to share the recipe with us!

With an extra-flavorful dough thanks to ground fennel seeds, a coating of dark chocolate, and a sprinkling of flaky sea salt, we’re not sure that we agree that one (albeit giant-sized) stick really is enough. But we’ll happily test the theory.

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Tell us: What would you include in your dream Pocky stick? And then join our Baking Club to bake through the rest of Golden with us!

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