15 Spring Wreath Ideas to Make or Buy

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Spring. Is. Coming! Well, not yet, but we can’t help getting a little antsy for warmer weather and not being stuck inside our homes all day. While I am looking forward to a snowy weekend upstate in a few weeks, what I am looking forward to even more is seeing buds on the tree-lined streets of my neighborhood.

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One way to will spring into existence is to plan for its decor, of course—even as early as now! Our suggestion? Buying or DIYing one of the below-mentioned spring wreath ideas, and hanging it on the inside of your door, just to give yourself some cheer. Wild, I know, but could be worth it!

1. Gold Hoop Eucalyptus

This sweet and simple little guy would probably work best with faux flowers able to be wired to the gold hoop, but that just means you get to keep it forever!

2. Dried Florals

Do we even need to say it? Dried florals forever, as with this wreath.

3. Pinks & Branches

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If you give this a close look, you can see that the base is actually just an embroidery hoop, which is a very versatile item to have in your craft arsenal—far beyond the intended application.

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4. Wooden Beads & Anemones

Quite similar to the gold-hooped wreath above, but with the adorable accent of wood beads!

5. Diamond Wreaths Are a Girl’s…

Whoever said wreaths need to be circular in shape? This diamond one is proof that a little shape changeup does a wreath good.

6. Square Branches

Again, the whole wreaths-are-circular thing… we’re not about it. This one is giving me major cottage-core vibes, in the very best way.

7. Dried Citrus Beauty

Remember that almost-too-easy tutorial for drying citrus slices? They’re not just for Christmas anymore, they’re for spring time too.

8. Magnolia Flowers

There is nothing more quintessentially spring than Cherry and Magnolia blossoms, and this faux wreath lets you experience their fleeting beauty for much longer (forever maybe?) than their quick growing season.

9. Preserved Spring Garden

What’s better than a fresh floral wreath? One that lasts for months, obviously.

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10. Strawflower Wreath

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I’m not quite sure how it’s possible, but this wreath looks like the chic version of those freeze-dried strawberry slices I like to put on my yogurt. I love it.

11. Dried Pinks

Pink, pink, pink! It is spring, after all.

12. Magnolia Goodness

Magnolia leaves know no season, in my opinion. The preserved, double-hued leaves perfectly bridge the gap between not-quite-holiday winter and the promise of spring.

13. Sweet Felted Spring

This one is reminiscent of one of the best-selling items in our shop, but in wreath form!

14. Fluffy Preserved Petals

How delightfully delicate is this arrangement of preserved palm petals? Say that three times fast.

15. Ironclad Florals

A swag as opposed to a wreath, and metal as opposed to organic material. We love!

Which of these wreaths would you buy or DIY? Tell us below!

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