15 Space-Saving Products to Help Keep Your Kitchen & Pantry Organized

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The new year is here (that’s right, it’s somehow 2023), and with it comes a general desire to refresh. For some, that refresh is more conceptual: making resolutions, setting intentions, and building In/Out lists for the upcoming year. But for others, the refresh is literal: cleaning your home, replacing old sheets, and decluttering.

Now that we’re a few days in and the glitter and confetti-filled dust from the New Year countdown has settled, it’s time to get organized. If 2023 is the year you’re hoping to finally bring some calm to your chaotic pantry, find a food storage solution that works for you, or stop hearing the nerve-wracking clattering of those precariously stacked pans hiding in your kitchen cabinets, we’ve got the tools to help you get the job done. Here are 15 baskets, carts, wall organizers, and other storage-friendly items that’ll help keep your kitchen and pantry organized this year—plus, some of our favorite tips and guides to keep things tidy.

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1. Metal Sliding Baskets, $58

If your kitchen cabinets are on the smaller side, these sliding baskets can be a lifesaver. In my apartment, I use them to hold our collection of coffee mugs, saucepan lids, and plates, but their versatility makes them ideal for many storage dilemmas.

2. Fit Anywhere Narrow Rolling Storage Cart, $79

This narrow rolling cart is perfect for utilizing seemingly useless spaces (like the sliver of floor space between your fridge and counter). Fill the shelves with spices, flour, vinegar, or more utility items like plastic wrap, wax paper, and aluminum foil.

3. A 2-Tier Lazy Susan, $27.99

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One of my mother’s favorite pantry storage hacks? A Lazy Susan. Go through her kitchen cabinets and you’ll find no less than six of these circular solves keeping her cereals, sauces, Tupperware, and miscellaneous goods in their rightful places.

4. An Expandable Container Lid Organizer, $29.99

Few things make me want to become a minimalist more than the sound of container lids tumbling out of my kitchen cabinets. This expandable organizer quickly fixes that problem. Need a similar solution for your cookware? YouCopia also makes a wire version for all those pots and pans.

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5. A Vertical Canvas Wall Organizer, $152

If your cabinets are small but you’re blessed with ample wall space, try this versatile canvas wall organizer. Your kitchen might not be the first place that comes to mind when you see it, but the assorted pocket sizes and the sturdiness of the canvas make for a surprisingly effective space for serving utensils, lids, oven mitts, aprons, or even dry goods like chips, garlic, bananas, or dried fruit.

6. A Wire Wall Grid, $39.99

If you’re interested in wall storage but don’t have enough room for a large piece, this wire wall grid is an easy alternative. With attachable hooks and baskets, you can customize the space to fit your exact needs.

7. A 14-Piece Glass Food Storage Set, $305 $245

Storing food is significantly easier when you streamline your containers. This 14-piece ceramic glass set from Caraway will allow you to stop fumbling for the correct lid and stacking mismatched pieces in hopes that they won’t fall the second you close the refrigerator door.

8. Reusable Berry Baskets, $27.98

Say goodbye to the plastic produce containers cluttering up your shelves and swap for these reusable berry baskets. With an insert that doubles as a colander, you can rinse and snack from the same container. Did we mention they’re stackable too?

9. Vegetable Storage Bags, $40-$66

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Keep your crisper drawer organized and fresh with these French terry cotton produce bags. With three different sizes, you can find a home for any greens, carrots, asparagus, or other fresh veggies. Just dampen the bags before you fill them and give them a quick spritz if they get dry.

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10. An Attachable Fridge Drawer Organizer, $29.99

Similar to the sliding baskets that save your pantry cabinets, these handy drawers significantly expand the available space in any fridge. Need a dedicated space for your eggs, fruits, or sandwich staples? Just slide these adjustable drawers onto your shelf and you’re covered.

11. A Rolling Fridge Caddy, $12.74

If you’re tired of reaching your arm into the depths of your fridge to find the one jar you’re looking for, this rolling caddy is calling your name.

12. Souper Cubes, $34.70-$70

Made to replace traditional storage bags, these silicone freezer trays are perfect for storing leftover soup or stock and for meal-prepping smoothies, but they can help in non-freezing temps, too. Fill them with berries, drink garnishes, herbs, or other bite-sized goods that are struggling to find a place in your fridge.

13. A Clear 5-Piece Set, $54.99

It sounds obvious, but sometimes the key to finding things is being able to actually see what you’re looking for. These clear, airtight containers allow you to know exactly what’s being stored in them, whether it’s cereal, pasta, or your favorite cookies.

14. Grid Storage Baskets, $34-$49

If you want the visibility clear containers can give you but with a different look, these wire storage baskets are what you’re looking for. The open-design concept allows for an efficient storage solution without sacrificing aesthetics or style.

15. A Trusted Label Maker, $37.75

In the end, sometimes it’s best to just stick with the basics. Nothing will help you find what you’re looking for faster than a clear, customized label looking right at you when you open a door or drawer.

What are your favorite ways to organize your pantry? Let us know below!

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