10 Out-of-the-Box Bagel Toppings, Featuring Labneh, Dates, and So Much More

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On a recent trip to Black Seed Bagels to give our Snapchat viewers a glimpse at our Chef in Residence Sara Jenkins’s limited edition bagel, we learned what sets Montreal bagels apart (honey in the water where the bagels are boiled and in the dough!)—and got a whole lot of topping inspiration.

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One evening, I wandered 1st Avenue in search of a late-night snack and emerged from Black Seed with a Chef’s Special created by our very own Sara Jenkins: a bagel rolled in za’atar, its insides smeared generously in labneh, with a handful of mint, crisp watermelon radish, layers of cucumbers, and pickled turnips.

More than just a delicious ode to spring, Sara’s bagel offer seems easy enough to recreate at home (building on a Black Seed bagel would be a requirement in my book).

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Here are 10 killer bagel toppings inspired by what Black Seed is serving to carry you from breakfast, lunch to dinner, and everything in between:

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1. Beet-cured lox, horseradish cream cheese, radish, and a handful of fresh herbs.

2. Ricotta and thyme, drizzled with honey.

3. Marinara and fresh mozzarella or burrata, topped with chili flakes. Long live the pizza bagel!

4. Baked eggs are great—with gruyere and frisee, they’re even better.

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5. Almond butter and dates are made for each other. Add sea salt and shredded coconut for a salty-sweet masterpiece.

6. A tea-sandwich inspired, vegan friendly option: herbed tofu and cucumbers!

7. A hard boiled egg, swipe of Dijon mustard, handful of arugula and pickled beets.

8. A slice of roast beef Roast beef and a smear of horseradish cream cheese are made even better with the addition of crispy shallots and cracked pepper.

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9. A schmear of labneh topped with olive-oil sautéed dates, flaky sea salt, and a pinch of sumac.

10. Sara’s–duh!

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