Weikiwa Tangelos and a Mystery Solved

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Our associate editor Kristy stopped at Eataly yesterday to pick up some ingredients for today’s photoshoot. On the way she spotted these beautiful yellow-orange citrus labeled Weikiwa Tangelo Oranges and stopped to snap a quick Instagram shot with the caption, “Exciting citrus alert! What do you know about these beauties?”

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Not too long after, we had an answer! FOOD52er, Instagram user, and biologist roguehousewife shared her knowledge with us:

WEKIWA TANGELO, unusual hybrid between a Sampson Tangelo and an unspecified (we would call it “mystery”) grapefruit. The irresistible result is a very juicy tangelo which looks and tastes like a pink grapefruit (red-blushed pulp, yellow rind), but is sweet like a tangerine, and the size of one. Sometimes known as pink tangelo (or “Lavender Gem”), it can be substituted for grapefruit. Easily separated into 12 segments with few seeds. I can’t wait to taste these! Fruits ripen in January. Self fertile. Zones 8B-10.

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We’ll definitely be returning to Eataly to buy these — and we’ll keep using Instagram to share mystery fruits and vegetables to see what we learn!

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