Toy Kitchens Throughout Time

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As a kid, did you ever have an Easy Bake oven, that bulb-powered plastic box that would “bake” tiny cakes and cookies to feed your dolls? I never did, but I always loved them — so much so that as a freshman in college (a little old for it, I know) my roommates pooled together and bought one for my birthday! We used it to make snacks of warmed-up cookie dough all winter, but I can’t say I wasn’t happy to swap it out for a real kitchen when I moved off campus.

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What I didn’t know at the time was how long and storied a history tiny play kitchens have — don’t miss this slideshow from NPR’s The Salt on toy kitchens throughout time. From the real iron stoves (just on a smaller scale) of the 1800s to the first Easy Bake oven in 1963, kids have been playing at cooking for centuries.

Tiny Ovens for Tots: A Kitchen Evolution from NPR’s The Salt

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