This Gold Medal Winner Can’t Stop Tweeting About Food

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Yesterday, while Chloe Kim, the gold-medal-wielding 17-year-old Olympic phenom, catapulted through the air on a wood and fiberglass panel, the world watched incredulously. She flung her body off a halfpipe and somehow managed to make it spin and contort in all sorts of directions. Yes, her athletic prowess is most certainly something to behold, but her Twitter is a food lover’s gold.

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As it happens, Kim has an awesome habit of tweeting about food before, after, and even during competitions. She also has a healthy love of churros (Stars, they’re just like us!). That, I can get behind.

No rest for the weary, and certainly no break for the hungry. Ice cream… on an icy slope? She obviously knows no bounds!

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Kim proves that even world champions and Olympic gold medal winners get hangry.

It seems David Chang, chef and NBC food correspondent for the Olympic Games, was clued in to Kim’s Twitter. Following her historic win, he surprised her with ice cream–stuffed churro sandwiches that he made himself. She looked pretty excited. Was it the sandwich or her new impressive gold medal? Perhaps both.

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What have been your favorite Olympic food moments? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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