The Food52 Winter Games Heat Up with the Swooshiest Cake Event

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Readers, ready your forks: It’s time for the next event in the Food52 Winter Games, our Olympics-inspired food face-off series. So far, we’ve seen carbs versus carbs in the Triple-Loop Noodle competition, and after this match-up we’ve got one very cheesy conclusion in store.

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The temperatures outside may be chilly, but in the kitchen the games are heating up. Our next event is a crowd favorite: The Swooshiest Cake. Get ready to cheer your heart out for your favorite competitor confection, because only one can snag the gold. Let’s get to know the participants:

Chocolate Cake with Tahini Buttercream Moguls

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Moguls are a series of bumps set in the snow of a ski course (holler if you had to look that one up, too!). They’re meant to challenge freestyle skiers, forcing them to turn and jump their way down the mountain. However, in this sweet twist on the Olympic competition, we’re not after speed—we’re after finesse. Swoops of creamy, nutty tahini buttercream swirl and dip over a rich yet fluffy chocolate cake. Let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be skiing our way down this steep slope. However, we would definitely take one for the team (pun intended) and eat our way through a slice or two, possibly in record time.

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Rich Lemon Cake with Swoopy Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

Is this the most ethereal slope we’ve ever seen? Or is it luscious swirls of tangy, citrusy frosting? Piled high atop dense layers of lemon cake, the cream cheesy concoction is sure to score mondo points with powder hounds. Whipped until fluffy, its subtle lime flavor complements the almost fudge-like lemony interior. But will it take home the gold? Medal or not, we’ll likely rip through it in no time.

Which cake & frosting team do you want to take home the gold? Cheer for your favorite in the comment section!

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