The FOOD52 Hotline App

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hotline iphone app

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Just in time for all of your burning Thanksgiving questions on the go — from the farmer’s market, the meat counter, the train to the in-laws’ — we’re releasing the FOOD52 Hotline iPhone app (this one’s free!).

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In case you’re not familiar with the FOOD52 Hotline, it’s our lightning-speed Q&A forum for the cooking questions that vex us all. How long will my turkey need to defrost? Which potatoes should I buy for mashing? What’s up with my gravy and how do I fix it? You get speedy answers from smart home cooks, FOOD52’s editors, and even some of our favorite food writers and chefs like Dorie Greenspan and Mollie Katzen.

And for those of you on the other side — the ones who are always fielding plaintive calls from friends and putting out fires — this app’s for you too. Build your kitchen karma and reputation points on FOOD52 by helping out other cooks in need.

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Download the free app here and ask and answer away!

hotline iphone app


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