Roll Into the Kitchen; Roll Out These 5 Indian Breads

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Fresh, homemade bread might seem like a time-consuming extravagance—nice to have, but not a realistic addition to your evening meals. Not so when it comes to Indian breads, says Meera Sodha:

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Indian breads are some of the quickest to make in the world. Freshly made, day in, day out, bread is part of the daily routine of the Indian kitchen.

Our Cookbook Club is baking through Sodha’s first cookbook, Made in India, all this month, and members have been busy baking up Indian breads from naan to paratha.

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Even if you haven’t joined the Club yet, you can make these breads part of your daily routine, too. We’ve rounded up 5 Indian breads, plus advice from Sodha on which to start with:

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Fresh hot chapatis are made in minutes. Naan, too, is easily cooked, charring happily on the stove. Flaky parathas, though a bit more difficult to master, are so seductive to eat by themselves, or when mopping up the sauce of a curry, they’re worth persevering for.

What are you waiting for? Get your rolling pins at the ready.

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Psst: Didn’t know about our Cookbook Club? Head here to get up to speed on how to participate.

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