Our Latest Contest: Your Best Spring Chicken

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There’s a time for the creamy, bubbly chicken gratins, a time for the prune-and-olive-dotted chicken roasts, a time for the shatteringly crispy buttermilked and fried chicken. But in the spring, what we want most, from all things, is the fresh, the tender, the bright—sometimes that means fruit or zippy spring onions, sometimes just lemon and olive and a murmur of heat.

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This applies, of course, to our chicken dinners, too, which is why our latest contest is devoted entirely to the best, springiest chicken recipes you can offer. Is yours shot through with rhubarb? Or puckery with lemon and sumac? Or wrapped up in lettuce cups with a vinegary slaw?

Roasted, braised, shredded, fried—we want to see them all. Head to the contest page to submit your recipe!

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