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Minority meat hops to the UK Guardian’s food columnist, Hugh Fearnely’s blog this week. Le lapin, or what English speakers know as rabbit, is the dish du jour.

Fearnley points out the rabbit’s many attributes — most of which exclude taste. Instead, he emphasizes the rabbit’s appearance and how it (once killed and skinned) makes consumers more conscious of “eating an animal.” Fearnley goes further to say, “Killing and preparing rabbits requires some skill so they’re the preserve of the hunter and traditional butcher rather than the factory farm or supermarket.”

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Written by both a cook and a naturalist, Fearnley’s article leaves readers enlightened about the merits of game meat — and craving some rabbit-laden recipes, which he delivers. From whipped rabbit rilletes to gamey rabbit stew to a crusty rabbit pie, this minority meat will sustain and nourish this fall.

Hop to it: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s rabbit recipes from The Guardian

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