Kitchen Cabinets That Open up a Space (but Aren’t Open Shelves)

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Somewhere between open shelving and hulking kitchen cabinets, there must exist a number of svelte, not-dusty solutions for stacking cups and plates. My new favorite in this middle ground of suspended cabinetry? These beauties from Sweden, the land of simple, ingenious design.

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In a tiny kitchen, every inch of space counts toward the likelihood that you’re going to get in there and cook and be happy doing it. The above cabinets, which bevel inward instead of jutting straight down at a harsh right angle, still offer lots of storage. Besides just offering more headspace—and raise your hand if you’ve ever bonked your noggin’ on the cabinets trying to see WTF is going down on your cutting board, as I have—they also make room for more light where you need it (on the counter).

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What’s more? The doors on these cabinets slide open like a closet would, rather than swinging into your space—and blocking the light while doing it. Not everyone’s ready to redo their kitchen cabinets at the drop of a hat, but I’m personally bookmarking this look—thanks, Sweden!—for the time when I do.

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Angled cabinets: Would you or wouldn’t you? Let us know in the comments!

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