Ever Wanted to Ask Dorie Greenspan a Question? Now’s Your Chance

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This month, members of our newly launched Baking Club have been baking their way through Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Dorie’s Cookies.

And they’re not baking through it alone—Dorie Greenspan herself has joined our Baking Club and has been answering members’ questions. As April comes to a close, our club’s time with Dorie’s Cookies is nearing an end, but Dorie is still answering more questions. To pose a question to the queen of cookies yourself, just head over to Facebook, request to join the Baking Club, and you’ll see a post on the wall where you can ask Dorie your questions.

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Read on to read a few of Dorie’s answers and to browse photos of what members have been baking from both Dorie’s Cookies and our year-long book, How to Bake Everything (you might even spot a couple from our own team, we can’t resist playing along):

Are our cookbook clubs news to you? Read here to learn about what’s ahead for both clubs and how to participate.

Marji Klein Finkel: Dorie!! So happy to see you here! Your books are my favorite! Question: What type of vanilla extract do you use? I heard you talking about it on Milk Street Radio and I was intrigued. Thanks!

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Dorie Greenspan: I use a vanilla extract from Sonoma Syrup Co called “Crush”—it’s got vanilla bean pulp in it. I also like Nielsen-Massey.

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Susan D’Amico Morelli loved Dorie’s Sunny-Side-Up Meringues and wondered if the same technique would work for a meringue pie.

Dorie Greenspan confirmed that it would indeed, saying: “I think that meringue would pie nicely.”

Sharon Gollman was struggling with crumbly cookie dough and wondered if there was a trick for getting it to hold together better.

Dorie Greenspan suggested mixing the dough more until it’s easy to work with, noting: “The dough should hold together when pinched before you roll it.”

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What’s your best cookie-making tip?

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