Cool News: Why We Get Brain Freeze

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Now that we have our summer ice-cream scoops of choice squared away, it’s probably time to address (again) the dark side of ice-cream. Not dark chocolate, we’re afraid (although surely there will be time for that), but that all-too-familiar pain that can make you cringe just by saying its name: Brain Freeze. It’s the awful, but totally inevitable, consequence of indulging a little too quickly in our favorite scoop of Salted Almond or Butter Pecan Fudge. But never fear! The Atlantic reports that recent studies on the phenomenon may actually lead to some important advancements in migraine-prevention and post-traumatic stress treatment. Very cool!

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Now if only we could somehow rationalize that our daily scoop was contributing to scientific progress… 

The Science of Brain Freeze (!) from The Atlantic

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