A Challah French Toast That Can’t be Improved Upon

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All cooks carry certain recipes in their hearts; they’re the ones we make to celebrate time and time again. Change is inevitable, but these recipes stay the same—and my dad’s challah bread french toast is one of them.

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My father taught me how to make his french toast when I was a kid; it was probably the first recipe that I ever learned. Pillowy, soft, and subtly sweet, it came to take on extra meaning for me because we’d always make it together.

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My father’s version plays on brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla—and to help prevent the butter from burning while the toast is cooking, he adds a thin layer of canola oil to the skillet first. While everything cooks, he warms a small pot of maple syrup. To this day, I believe there’s no greater act of thoughtfulness than giving someone warm maple syrup with their breakfast.

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The fact that my father’s challah bread french toast tastes exactly the same today as it did years ago is part of why I enjoy it so much—sometimes, the best thing you can do to a recipe is not to change it at all.

What recipes do you carry with you, unchanged? Let us know in the comments!

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