9 Drinks You Can DIY This Weekend, From Easy to Beer

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The first drink I made myself was classic lemonade for—you guessed it—a neighborhood lemonade stand. My mom refused to buy a mix, insisting my sister and I use the oodles of lemons and sugar we had in our pantry. While my entrepreneurial efforts didn’t pay off (I think we used too much sugar), it sparked an interest in the kitchen sorcery of brewing my own drinks. Today, I make my own cold brew, agua fresca, and when I’m feeling extra-magical, fiery tonic. In most cases, making my own drinks doesn’t take much more time or effort than my favorite batch of cookies or pot of soup. Here I’ve gathered nine DIY brews I love (or plan to love) making myself. Maybe even this weekend.

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Gotta start with a classic, right? Great lemonade starts with a great simple syrup—shake cold water and sugar together until the sugar is completely dissolved.

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There are so many different types of “milk” to make: rice, soy, almond, cashew, hemp!

Cold brew really is the easiest coffee method out there—as simple as one, two, steep.

For fresh juice, all you’ll need a blender, a spatula, a fine mesh strainer, and a bowl—preferably one that your strainer sits nicely on top of.

This popular Indian summertime drink requires just a handful of ingredients and can swing savory or sweet. Just blend yogurt, water, and spices until smooth and creamy.

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Making kombucha is a process, but who better to guide you through the jungle than expert DIY-er Sarah Jampel?

An amped up version of an apple cider vinegar-honey tonic that makes a great wake-up call, digestive aid, or immunity booster.

You can make you own herbal tea in just a few steps. First, choose a base of black, green, white, or oolong tea, then decide on which fresh or dried herbs you want to flavor your brew with—just remember 2 teaspoons of fresh herbs to every 6 ounces of boiling water. Third, wrap up a teaspoon or so in a sachet and either brew directly or store for later comfort.

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Yes, this project takes around four weeks from start to beer, but it only has about two and a half hours of active time all together. Plus, it fills your home with the heavenly smell of warm grains.

What’s your favorite drink to DIY? Share your recipes in the comments below!

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