7 Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauces and Condiments

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Anyone who has ever planned a Thanksgiving menu knows the following scenario: a guest phones to RSVP, says how much he or she is looking forward to coming, and then [throat clears] the polite request… “Um, can we have the cranberry sauce from the can?” There is always one.

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It’s not that the canned stuff—in all its jiggly, fuschia glory—is necessarily delicious; it’s that Thanksgiving dinner is bound with our strongest food memories. Your guest’s mother, and grandmom before her, probably served the can of cranberry sauce every year, and it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it. Turkeys come and go, but it’s the cranberry sauces and special condiments that are so memorable.

The can may be here to stay, but these 7 Thanksgiving treats are guaranteed to create new, better-tasting traditions all their own.

Canal House’s Cranberry-Port Gelée by Genius Recipes

cranberry-port gelée


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Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish by Food52



Gingered Cranberry Fig Chutney by Oui, Chef

cranberry fig chutney


Orange-Fennel Mostarda by Elizabeth Rex

orange-fennel mostarda


Tuscan Onion Confit by Merrill Stubbs

tuscan onion confit


Sweet and Spicy Grape Chutney by Madhuja

sweet & spicy grape chutney


Pear, Brandy, and Walnut Cranberry Sauce by notlazy.rustic.

pear, brandy, and walnut cranberry sauce


Paula Wolfert’s Herb Jam with Olives and Lemon by Genius Recipes

herb jam


What condiments and sides wouldn’t it be the holidays without? Tell us in the comments.

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