6 Adult Easter Baskets to Treat a Loved One (Or Yourself) This Year

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When I got my first job in New York, I moved in with three other girls over a fateful Easter weekend. Waking up on Easter Sunday, I got pulled into a household Easter egg hunt, and I knew my decision to move in was for the best. My roomie set it all up and even prepared Easter baskets filled with treats for each of us. I was 22 and loved it. That special, silly morning has always stuck with me, and more than 10 years later, I still stan adult Easter baskets (and my then-roomies are my now-BFFs).

Regardless of your age or traditions, here’s your sign to surprise your fam, friends, or even delivery courier with a fun basket of goodies just for them. Pro tip: Skip the drugstore candy aisle and really treat them. Need ideas? Six sweet themes ahead.

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Not all of us are early birds, but this coffee-themed basket will perk anyone up. Pack in a bag of their go-to beans or mix up their brew routine with a slow-drip phin filter, popular in Vietnamese coffee culture. Toss in Fellow’s good-looking, heat-retaining Carter Everywhere mug because they work with most drippers and even the AeroPress. And whether they’re coffee cupping or cereal slurping, you can’t go wrong with this pretty rainbow cupping spoon.

Bring on the heat: this basket is for fans of big, bold flavors only. The tasting packs from Fly by Jing are a must-have for adding crispy, tingly, and savory heat to anything from dumplings to ice cream, and any one of the tangy sauces in Omsom’s Southeast Asian Sampler pack will transform dinnertime protein and vegetables. Introduce them to Green Widow, a verdant, herbaceous probiotic hot sauce from Hudson-area fermenters Poor Devil Pepper Co.; or just cover all your bases with the five-bottle variety pack of Yellowbird hot sauces from Austin.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are a classic choice, but go the extra mile to truly melt their heart with new and nostalgic sweets. Biting into this plant-based chocolate bar is like stepping back in time and New York’s iconic Magnolia Bakery ships now, too. Introduce them to a bee pollen-infused yellow milk chocolate bar for a perfect little springtime treat, or any of the flavors from Mochidoki like ube, milk and cereal, and everything bagel—and yes, even classic chocolate. For those looking to sweeten up their afternoon tea, a colorful set of 36 Belgian tea-pairing chocolates they’d be happy to share.

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Easter is a celebration of life—and a good reason to raise a glass. Liven up happy hour with a curated mini wine flight from In Good Taste, or a low-alcohol apéritif like Haus. Functional drinks infused with CBD are also a fun add, like Recess’s sparkling water. For those that don’t drink alcohol, this Watermelons + Organic Hibiscus Syrup will whet their appetite for juicy warm-weather mocktails. Round out the basket with a fun reusable straw and a thoughtful stack of minimalist coasters.

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Hype up your vacation-bound friends with a basket full of trip essentials. You got your packing cube set, your mineral SPF, a cool pair of polarized shades (these Sunski sunglasses are made from recycled plastic and are backed by a lifetime warranty), and a space-efficient Turkish throw-towel-sarong hybrid. Throw in an OOO hat for good measure.

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This basket is for the besties, couples, fam, and roomies who are all about chill nights at home, playing games, and getting to know each other a little bit more. All’s fair in love and boba with the card game Sabobatage while cookbook author Liz Moody’s Healthier Together deck has non-boring conversation starters. For something that requires a bit more concentration, these mood-lifting jigsaw puzzles are gorgeous and fun. With loads of popcorn in delectable flavors and good company, you can’t go wrong.

This post was rewritten in February 2022 with fresh new adult Easter basket ideas.

What would you put into an adult Easter basket? Share some inspo below!

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