5 Videos That Show Off Crazy Knife Skills

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If you’re in charge of the chopping the onions or peeling the potatoes this Thanksgiving, you’ll be a knife skills pro come Fridy morning (or you’ll have run through the box of Band-Aids).

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But no matter how fancy we get with our skillz, these videos are reminders that we still have a lot to learn. And remember, no matter how fun the 20-second watermelon challenge seems, don’t try this at home.

Start practicing now and you just might have this down-pat by summertime:

If you thought peeling an apple with a power drill was risky business:

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This man cuts onions faster than you:

Have you been wasting your time peeling pineapples?

This video is practically guaranteed to make you feel bad about your knife work:

This may not be the fastest mango-slicing in the world, but it is a smart way to avoid sticky hands:

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Feeling motivated?

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