5 Indoor Plants You’ll Want to Bring Home, Stat

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With all the extra time we’ve been spending at home this year, houseplants have had their fair share (well-deserved) of our attention. Plants like the oh-so lovely Fiddle Leaf Fig and our darling Monstera deliciosa have surged in popularity—local nurseries can barely keep them in stock! (I know, because I’ve been looking for them myself.) But when any trend reaches its peak, people start looking for the next big thing, and we can’t help wondering, “What’s next?!”

So, we talked to a few of our favorite plant shops—Portland-based Pistils Nursery and Boston-located Niche Plant Shop—to find out what they—and their customers—are loving lately. A few plants in particular kept coming up, and you’re going to want to get your hands on these ASAP.

A pink plant? Yes, really! According to our sources, people have been loving “variegated” plants lately—this term simply means that the leaves have a secondary color, often white, but in this case, pink! With its beautiful pink leaves, it’s easy to see why the “Pink Princess” Philodendron is a highly sought-after houseplant.

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“In general, anything variegated tends to be at the top of our request list,” says Jesse Waldman, director of marketing for Pistils Nursery in Oregon. “Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is one that has skyrocketed in the last year—we get more requests for this plant than I can count!”

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The Pink Princess is technically a rare black-leaf philodendron with hot pink variegation, and if you manage to get your hands on one, it will thrive in bright indirect light and a high humidity level. However, be warned that this rare plant is generally quite pricey—we’re talking more than $100 for a small one. Eek!

You can thank Trader Joe’s for sparking this next trend. Back in July, the grocery chain started selling cute little coffee plants for just $8, and customers happily snatched them up. Other plant stores followed suit, stocking up on the caffeine-producing plant, and now, you can even find them on popular online plant delivery services like The Sill.

Coffee plants have vibrant, glossy leaves, and the best part is that they’re super low-maintenance. Just give it bright, indirect light and water every few weeks, and it will be as happy as can be. Unfortunately, house-grown plants probably won’t produce the berries that contain coffee beans, but it will still make a cute addition to your kitchen.

Some plants gain popularity because they’re pretty, but the ‘Hoya Compacta’ (also called a Hindu Rope) has won over plant-lovers thanks to its unique appearance, which features twisting ropes of clustered leaves and stunning groups of star-shaped pink flowers.

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“There has definitely been an uptick of requests for unusual plants,” says Lindsey Swett, of Niche in Boston, one of my personal favorite plant stores. “Hoya compacta [is one] that comes to mind. We couldn’t give those away a few years ago, now they are nearly impossible to find and can be quite expensive.” Swett also says that variegated versions of this plant are especially sought-after.

These fun hanging plants like bright, indirect light, and they’re drought-tolerant, so it’s not the end of the world if you forget to water them. If you have to have one, check to see if they’re in stock at Pistils, which will ship them anywhere in the US.

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When I moved into my latest apartment, my plant-guru mom gifted me a beautiful Ponytail Palm, and as usual, she was ahead of a big trend. Within a few months, this fun plant started popping up all over my social media—because who can resist its bulbous base and curly fronds?

Ponytail palms are ideal for beginners, as they’re incredibly low-maintenance and non-toxic to pets. They’re happy in low or bright indirect lighting and really only need water once every few weeks, as they store excess moisture in their thick trunks. You can currently grab one of these fun plants from online plant shops like Bloomscape or The Sill—but get your card ready, as they sell out quite quickly after each restock.

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The velvet furniture trend may be on its way out, but velvety plants are very in! There are a number of plant varieties that have delightfully silky, tactile leaves, but these babies are best for more experienced plant parents.

“One trend we’ve observed within the broader Aroid family is for plants with velvety leaves, such as Philodendron gloriosum, Anthurium clarinervium, and Philodendron micans, to name a few,” says Waldman. “The lustrous sheen on these leaves is truly stunning, though these plants are notoriously fickle and require a lot of humidity to thrive.”

These plants would do well in a bright bathroom thanks to the high humidity, and if you want a velvety plant for your collection, Pistils actually carries Philodendron micans—though you might have to sign up for restock alerts.

What indoor plants have you brought home this summer? Tell us in the comments below.

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