20 Prefab Tiny Houses You Can Buy Right Now

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There’s no denying our fascination with tiny houses. The existence of at least four tiny house television shows (including a House Hunters series dedicated to the topic), countless listings on AirBnB, and a flourishing Pinterest community all point toward a trend turned legitimate movement. Perhaps it’s a resurgence in manifest destiny, or maybe it’s an aspiration toward a simpler, more Scandi-style of living, but it’s got us hooked.

Whether you’re looking to test your extreme KonMari skills, become more nomadic, or just want to avoid sky-high housing costs, you can join the tiny house movement in just a few clicks. Ahead, 20 prefabricated tiny homes you can buy right now.

This little home is the perfect wilderness escape. Based out of Wyoming, Wheelhaus sells modular homes, tiny homes, and even RVs, all of which arrive in turn-key condition within a few months. It offers a variety of floor plans, but we’re particularly keen on the Wedge, which is around 400 square feet, and includes the most magical high ceilings, a sliding glass door, and even a deck. The base price starts at $149,500 with a large menu of add-ons and upgrades.

You can take your tiny house on big adventures with the Draper from Land Ark RVs. This Colorado-based company sells two styles of tiny RV homes that can be delivered in a few months. The Draper starts at $164,900 for a 300-square-feet space, finished in white-washed pine, and equipped with a fabulous fold-down deck. Plus, the exterior is the perfect mix of rustic and modern, so you’re sure to catch a few double-takes as you cruise around.

The tiny K5 and K6 houses from KitHAUS start off as blank spaces that you can customize. Need a basic bath but not a full kitchen? Or want to upgrade to a larger bath? You can easily pick and choose your must-have features to fill out 235 to 330 square feet like the bathroom, kitchenette, and deck, though it’ll quickly hike up the low base price of $59,700.

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Here’s your chance to live like a hobbit! We’re smitten with the adorable tiny houses from Green Magic Homes, which specializes in cozy homes made to look like they’re built into hills. In actuality, once the house is all built out, you can cover the exterior with landscaping like soil, grass, and even trees and shrubs—as long as the roots are not invasive. Prices depend on each specific location and build.

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This is an Insta-worthy tiny house if we’ve ever seen one. Ohio-based company Modern Tiny Living has several permanent and mobile designs that you can customize. We’re partial to Domino, a mobile tiny home with wooden countertops, a breakfast nook, and elevated bedroom—basically a space we’d never want to leave. Depending on the size and build, MTL’s homes can cost between $75,000 and $150,000.

Wheel Pad’s modular living spaces are something special, as they’re designed specifically for people with mobility needs. The structures can be attached to an existing structure or as standalone home, all while providing an accessible lifestyle with wet rooms, hoist tracks, and appliance heights that meet standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Nashville-based New Frontier has both budget-friendly and luxury tiny homes that range from 250 to 400 square feet and take less than six months to build. Check out how beautiful the Escher model is. The devil is definitely in the details because you get to customize everything from the flooring to the kitchen countertops to the soaking tub.

Drop Structures is based out of Alberta, Canada, and its signature 157-square-foot Mono has floor-to-roof windows that let you feel one with nature. As its name would suggest, once your tiny home is all built, it gets dropped off at the location you want, ready to be lived in that same day. If you don’t need plumbing (or can make do with a bucket shower), the Mono can be a great tiny home for glamping or as additional office space. Don’t stress if you’ve fallen in love from the US—it delivers anywhere in North America.

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A 28-foot trailer that can fit three Queen beds, two loft spaces, and sleeps up to six means this “tiny” home gives you a bit of space to spread out. The farmhouse-style Heritage RV starts at $94,395 before customizations, though we don’t think much more is needed for this beaut.

Elegant Rustic Cabins makes just what the name suggests—little log cabins you’d want to hole up in all winter. And if that’s not enough, the ERC-105 takes the coziness one step further with a fireplace in the living room.

The best part about this tiny home is its 10-foot roof top deck, accessible from the inside and perfect for entertaining or a well-placed solar panel. It also sleeps up to six people (road trip anyone?), has a full washer/dryer, and a bathtub.

This might just be the biggest towable tiny house we’ve seen. Starting at 38 feet long, it has more storage and square footage than most NYC apartments. Two full-sized bedrooms, two full-sized closets, a huge shower, reclaimed barn doors—yep.

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Of all the tiny homes we’ve seen, Tru Form Tiny definitely makes the trendiest ones, like The Verve. From the backsplash to the lighting fixtures, every detail is carefully selected and coordinated. These tiny homes feel more like a boutique hotel or AirBnb than they do a mobile home—guest house, anyone?

This is the most popular RV design from Tiny Home Builders, with classic vaulted ceilings and a lofted bed area. The trailer lengths range from 12 to 20 feet so you can go super-small or large-ish (for a tiny home, at least).

California Tiny Houses used to make entirely custom tiny homes, but now, it’s developed pre-priced, prefabricated models that you can customize. Our fave? The 36-square foot 30X, which features large windows for tons of natural light, exposed beams in the ceiling, a large bathroom and kitchen, and more.

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The bachelor or bachelorette pad of tiny homes has arrived, and it has a dedicated wine rack, of course. The lack of a composting toilet in favor of a flushing residential one is another huge selling point. Plus, there’s tons of lounge space for the entertainer, and there’s even enough room for a sectional.

Perhaps the best feature of any tiny home is the ceiling, and the Denali XL has one of the prettiest ones we’ve seen—beautifully stained wood, smart pendant and recessed lighting, and well-placed skylights. This giant tiny home (ha!) is no exception, only made more desirable by the huge kitchen.

Sleek, modern, and contemporary, The Orme features an abundance of maple plywood and black finishes—proof that tiny homes don’t have to look like mini barn houses.

By far, the largest tiny house we’ve come across, the modular version of the Sycamore can go up to 725 square feet—which is huge. That means you can fit two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a full kitchen, large living room with fireplace, and tons of full-sized appliances with room to spare.

Possibly the best part about this house (aside from smart features and total customization) is the interior design, that bridges the gap between new construction and vintage accents. It’s… dare we say… transitional?

This post was updated September 2021 with more of our favorite tiny homes.

Which tiny house speaks to you? Let us know below!

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