13 Zippy Relishes to Balance Out Your Thanksgiving Plate

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Thanksgiving fare is, by and large, rich, comforting, and heavy—in a good way. Perhaps that’s why the post-feast nap is, at least in many houses, as celebrated as the turkey. But sometimes the flavors can get a bit repetitive, and the heavy food might weigh down your palate.

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Enter relishes! We all know cranberry sauce, one of the most well-established (and simultaneously one of the most polarizing) staples of the Thanksgiving table. Love it or hate it, cranberry sauce plays a vital role in the holiday spread; not only does it add a welcome pop of color, but it brings a bit of zip. Brightness. Pizzazz. Cranberry sauce takes the comforting flavors of Thanksgiving and punches them up. Its tart-sweet balance contrasts and complements everything from turkey to stuffing to my personal favorite, mashed potatoes.

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And cranberry sauce is just the tip of the Thanksgiving relish iceberg. Bring some zip to the table with a bowl of sweet-and-savory onion confit or roasted applesauce either in lieu of or alongside old faithful. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite relishes (and relish-like sauces) from our Thanksgiving menu maker—and a bonus recipe or two—to get the ball rolling.

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Do you have any go-to relishes to bring a pop of flavor to your Thanksgiving table? Tell us in the comments!

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