The Concept

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In the mid 1400’s a group of young gentlemen of Florence got together to start a supper club.  Their idea was that each member would throw a crazy and fun themed dinner from time to time.  It was the first supper club formed in 1,000 years!

The Concept

The Renaissance was not just the rebirth of art, painting and architecture, it was the rebirth of enjoying the good life, including good food.  Before the Renaissance it simply wasn’t “cool” to enjoy food, it was just for nourishment.  Suddenly Chefs were in demand and celebrated, food was elevated to an art, cookbooks were published, and new and exciting ingredients were found.

M.C. Spiedo is all about this rebirth or should we say revolution.  It is a celebration of this exciting time when the world of food changed and what we think of as “modern” food began.  We think you’ll discover how contemporary and delicious a world it was, as you go back to the future of food.

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